Barry Gowers

Print Maker

Following a career in healthcare advertising Barry discovered printmaking as a way of expressing his personal creativity with greater originality, personality and permanence.

His preferred medium is solar plate etching because of its versatility, allowing inks to be rubbed into the plate as an etching or to be applied to the surface with a roller, like a woodcut, or both at the same time. The source images are held tightly against the photo-sensitised plate and exposed to strong ultraviolet light or sunlight before being developed in plain tap water.

“I like to mix real and abstract, beauty with disquiet, polish with scruffiness, intricacy with detail, often mixing two unrelated concepts to give a powerful incentive for the viewer to look deeper and find meanings of their own”. For Barry a work of art should have personal meaning to its originator, but also to its owner, “A work of art needs a deeper meaning or a very personal emotional connection, why else would anyone buying art want to keep it on their walls?”